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Analytics by definition is simply the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.

Wouldn’t it be great if that was all there was to it?

No matter what your industry is, you are facing increasing demands to deliver meaningful information from millions or maybe trillions of pieces of data in real time with 100% accuracy so it can be used to make valuable business decisions.

You are most likely involved in conversations about:

  • Real-time integration
  • No ETL’s or APIs
  • Data Hub or Data Lake
  • Master Data Management
  • Cloud Integration

The most common reason organizations struggle with Analytics or Big Data is poor integration.  Donyati has the expertise, experience and tools to guide businesses along the integration journey.  We offer a comprehensive and methodical approach that is proven to deliver desired results.

Our journey begins with gathering requirements.  While this may seem like a no brainer, it is the most critical part of the process.  The requirements will drive the design solution and needs to incorporate data sources, targets, type, location, speed, quality and so on……..

We then take a look at data trends and create a loosely coupled environment that is flexible, scalable and agile.

With the adoption of a patterns-based approach to your integration to improve quality and reduce cycle times.  Considerations for business latency needs, volume of data and access requirements for historical data will play a key part in technology selection.

Lastly, and sometimes the most important factor, Donyati provides and in-depth strategy that outlines benefits, cost and a clear path to a successful integration.

To learn more about our approach and how we can partner on your analytics strategy.

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Our team has the breadth of experience your organization needs to tackle any Enterprise Performance Management initiative. The proof is in our past, as our clients have trusted us to guide them in harnessing the power of some of today’s most powerful analytics and database platforms.

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Whether you are about to embark on a major transformation initiative or simply want to optimize the value provided by a specific element of your current technology platform, the Donyati team is here to help.

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