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Restoring Trust in Your Data


With the ever-increasing demand from the business to make data-driven decisions, IT organizations are struggling to ensure quality in the large volumes and variety of data. IT consistently hears that reports the business relies on are not accurate, and they are required to perform time-intensive and costly manual fixes to the organization’s data. In such

Restoring Trust in Your Data2019-12-03T13:01:54-07:00

Vendor Management: It’s a Risky Business


Just like exercising and getting sufficient sleep, we often discuss managing our vendors, suppliers and partners better. However, industry surveys continue to show a lack of attention to the assessment and management of vendors who have access to company data. Third-party vendor management is a tall order to fill due to the complexities of managing

Vendor Management: It’s a Risky Business2017-10-03T12:29:19-07:00

Technology Debt – The Quicksand of the Modern World


Comedian John Mulaney once said “Growing up, I thought that quicksand would be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be.” While he is certainly correct in highlighting the fact that Hollywood-style quicksand that can only be escaped with a piece conveniently available vine and some ingenuity isn’t exactly a real-life threat, the

Technology Debt – The Quicksand of the Modern World2017-10-03T15:57:37-07:00