Successful business outcomes can be traced along a path of strategic decisions. Informed, thoroughly examined facts are the uncontroversial backbone of any viable operation – and yet, research reveals that 50% of business decisions are made solely based on intuition.

In the face of major business accelerating events like mergers & acquisitions, the importance of employing proven methods and established data to make careful decisions is especially pronounced. As the primary vehicle for growth in many industries, M&A deals are the pinnacle case for analytical planning and surgically systematic execution – but when due diligence is rushed and IT/Financial operations are left as an afterthought, as is too often the case, weaknesses in both organizations can be exaggerated to dangerous ends. When stakes rise to dramatic heights, team stress levels skyrocket to match, leaving operations and their outcomes susceptible to the emotionally charged bias of human error that business processes (and analytics) are painstakingly designed to prevent.

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In the face of an impending M&A, appropriate action requires honest assessment of the critical challenges likely to arise. CIO-level participants in a recent Donyati-led discussion expressed technical complexities as the overwhelming area of concern when M&A deals are announced – dominating over worries regarding the potential compromise of key resources, power dynamics and governance issues, and contractual complexities. While this result may be surprising, the inevitable emergence of technical complications throughout the M&A process is not. The pressure on intensive IT integrations to enable successful outcomes and reduced risk/time while on a Transitions Services Agreement (TSA) for entire operations justifies the salient locus for concern.

Reliable mitigation of technical concerns and their troubling consequences is possible. M&A integration experts can provide the structure, management, and technical insight necessary to simplify critical IT challenges. With data at the heart of every stage of the M&A process, even the most complex operations remain on track, and demanding outcomes are fulfilled on time. With involvement in over 30 large scale M&A integrations in the past five years, the team at Donyati is equipped with the irreplaceable, proven expertise that only experience can provide. Donyati puts proactive, data-driven solutions at the center of every decision, from Day -1 considerations to Day 1, Day 2 and beyond.