In 2020 and for the foreseeable future, traditional business roles are rapidly changing at a forever accelerating pace with the advent of digitization across each fascet of enterprise.  As business intelligence and big data is growing and evolving across sectors, so are the individual roles within those sectors. Competency in data and tech literacy are creeping their way into different job roles across the board. For example, a marketing expert not only needs to know how to best reach a target audience, but also understand how to analyze and use data-driven information from product, sales, operations to be effective each day.  The same goes for people in nearly every role, the systems and processes that used to be single silo solutions no longer are relevant to the future of our daily lives – it’s all interconnected.

With over 40% of data science tasks becoming automated by 2020 accrording to Gartner, Inc, people within traditional roles are having to communicate less and less with data scientists and analysts. Using the latest in data dashboards, these people now have the ability to see what the data is telling them for themselves. Although data dashboards are becoming easier to navigate and comprehend, they are still being used by people who, in the past, were not asked to engage directly with the data.  Executives and operational managers alike want both summary reporting with detailed, drill-down reports that show the granularity of business units, locations, managers, employees and product components. 

Going forward, leaders of virtually every type of company must see themselves as leaders of “tech” companies to stay competitive. As data-driven business intelligence continues to prove to be beneficial and necessary to a business’s success, the more education, implementation, and knowledge of these technologies is required of each employee.  Donyati helps clients navigate these options and more and can partner with your organization to quickly delivery upon a strategy that enables both the strategic and tactical insight needed to run your business now and for many years in the future.