When to consider upgrading to Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2

Upgrades can become either a excellent feature enabler, allowing for long term reliability, supportability and increased user effectiveness through new features – or in some cases when not planned and executed appropriately, can become a distraction.   We believe with the much anticipated release of Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2 it creates an excellent opportunity for Hyperion users to consider their options and overall strategy for Oracle Hyperion and whether or not it may make sense to upgrade to 11.2, to move to portions of Hyperion to Cloud versions and/or to continue on an on-premise upgrade path either hosted on client premise gear, or dedicated Oracle cloud hosting providers.

Options to consider for straightforward success

Donyati, an Oracle Gold Partner, has helped dozens of clients successfully navigate their Hyperion architecture options as to achieve the overall most value to their business and Hyperion end users, while keeping Hyperion management simple.  Whether a fresh implementation of Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2, or upgrading from previous versions, Donyati has foundational core focus required on Oracle EPM in order to achieve a straight-forward upgrade strategy and successful upgrade.

Feature Anticipation utilzing Continuous Innovation

Many Oracle clients are anticipating the “Continuous Innovation” release model for 11.2, which Oracle promises will unlock new application functionality and underlying infrastructure updates without the need for major upgrades, allowing the on-premise version to have more update parity with Oracle EPM Cloud edition, however careful evaluation of the tradeoffs, feature comparison, modules integration and performance comparisons must also be considered.

Additional Feature Replacements

Several features are also going away, including EPM Architect (EPMA), replaced by Oracle DRM (Data relationship management), in addition a limited license for Oracle Hyperion EPM on-premise is expected to be included for up to 5 named Data Relationship Stewards for the on-premise editions.  Alternatively, the “Full Use” of Oracle DRM can be purchased to enable further integration between Oracle applications and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Essbase Version Paths and Plans

As of Dec 3, 2019, Oracle plans to utilize Oracle Essbase within 11.2 initially with an uplift to Essbase 19c after on-prem is available and validation occurs by the team of product management at Oracle.

What do to next?

Several more key updates and announcements are included and as Oracle releases 11.2, Donyati will be navigating clients through their upgrade options once fully confirmed.

For more information on Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2 please visit Oracle.com or request to get in touch about an upgrade roadmap from Donyati‘s extensive team of EPM expert consultants.