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Project Description

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Company Profile

Lear Corporation is ranked #151 on the Fortune 500 with world-class products designed, engineered and manufactured by a diverse team of talented employees. As a leading supplier of automotive seating and electrical, Lear serves its customers with global capabilities while maintaining individual commitment. With headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, Lear maintains 257 locations in 38 countries around the globe and employs approximately 156,000 employees.

Client’s Needs

After a long and un-successful implementation of HFM with several vendors, Lear engaged Donyati to complete the implementation of HFM that met their desire to both simplify reporting and application maintenance processes while providing proper controls that HFM application required.

Benefits Realized

With the partnership with Donyati, Lear could realize a HFM solution that both simplified and reduced their reporting and application maintenance cycle at the same time enhancing the control requirements by removing spreadsheet based processes with customization of HFM application that was tailored to their needs.

With the support from the Donyati team Lear is continuing to unlock additional values from their Hyperion investment by evaluating business needs and aligning the Hyperion applications to better meet those needs.

Donyati’s Solution

Donyati team worked with the clients from both the business and IT team to quickly identify the needs of the business and the missing elements from the applications and processes that was left by the prior implementation partners.

Donyati team enabled Lear’s HFM go-live by:

  • Educating the client of the current design and functionality of the applications
  • Prioritizing tasks and managing activities for parallel and go live
  • Re-design and build of application elements such as currency re-measurement logic
  • Working with both internal and external auditors to define SOX processes and provide supporting documentation for implementation and quarterly audits

Based on the success of the project, Lear also engaged Donyati’s manage services team to manage their Hyperion environment to further unlock the value of their Hyperion investment.

With partnership with Donyati Lear is currently in the process of evaluating and implementing:

  • Account reconciliation management solution
  • Tax provisioning solution
  • Planning and forecasting applications
  • Upgrade of Hyperion to the latest version

Donyati’s implementation services include:

  • Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management
    • Oracle Hyperion Planning with Workforce Planning, Capital Asset Planning and Project Financial Planning
    • Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)
    • Oracle Account Reconciliation Management
    • Oracle Close Management
    • Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management
  • Hyperion Data Integration Tools
    • Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM/EE)
    • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
    • Essbase Integration Services (EIS)
  • OLAP and Data Management Tools
    • Data Relationship Management (DRM)
    • Essbase
  • OneStream Enterprise Performance Management
  • Anaplan

Donyati’s Managed Services include:

  • Infrastructure Support of current environment
    • Patching as needed
    • Daily backups
    • Weekly/monthly maintenance
    • System Performance monitoring
  • Technical & Functional Support
    • End User Support
    • Daily troubleshooting and problem resolution
    • Service level agreements
    • Providing technical & functional solutions for changing needs
    • Minor enhancements

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