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Technology Transformation is Intimidating

In the modern world, a company’s stability and survival is dependent on a string of ones and zeroes. To avoid disruption of the status quo, some company’s simply adopt the time-tested approach of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” and avoid major technology changes completely.

The problem with this approach, is that in the modern world has outgrown this time-tested approach. With technology evolving faster than even the most innovative companies can match, it is more important than ever to get ahead of the curve to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace. To succeed in this proactive approach, companies don’t need mercenaries who execute single projects in a vacuum, they need long term partners who grow, learn, and evolve alongside them.


In Donyati, you will find a partner who not only understands the intersection of technology and business, but also has experience in transforming this relationship from the legacy “Cost Center vs. Profit Center” model to one where both organizations serve as drivers of value. Transitions of this magnitude are not easy, but our team has the depth and breadth of experience to deliver favorable outcomes with speed and precision, while helping you manage risk.

Evolution of Efficiency

What is the difference between two consultants who both have 20 years of Oracle experience? At Donyati, we believe that experience is only as valuable as the lessons we have learned along the way. Reflecting on opportunities where we could have done better allows use to evolve and offer our clients a more finely tuned approach to what we do. We asked some of our most senior team members to share specific examples of lessons they have learned in past engagements that they now use to be more effective in creating value for our clients.

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Entering Each Engagement with an Open Mind

Understanding the angle of the learning curve during an implementation is fairly straightforward, but when transitioning from an implementation to an enhancement or upgrade project, the learning curve is not as clear cut. In some projects, our team will work on an enhance a system which has been in production for over a decade.

One of our senior HFM leaders shared how when he first managed such a project, he assumed that he was working with client stakeholders who had an advanced understanding of the platform’s capabilities. As the project experienced setbacks, he realized that the knowledge transfer phase of the initial implementation had been poorly executed, and the client leaders were not given the necessary tools to make the most informed decisions. Growth from this experience has driven us to take an education-first approach to our post-implementation projects, which leads to faster projects which produce better results.

Never Over Promise and Under Deliver

It sounds obvious that a consulting organization should never try to sell work that is against the client’s best interests, but that is exactly what happened to a member of our Strategy group. In an attempt to gain favor with a Fortune 50 company, her Big 4 partner sold the client on the idea that they could implement an automated Cash Flow roll-forwards solution by making modifications to their HFM environment. The partner did this despite knowing that the client required a level of detail would dramatically reduce system performance if implemented. Once the design was completed in development, their consolidation time nearly tripled, and the project was scrapped. Once this decision was made the client did not consider her firm for other more feasible projects.

At Donyati, we will never sell our clients work that is either not technically feasible or not in their best interests. Clients are not commodities to us, they are partners, and all partnerships are built on trust and honestly.

Doing More by Doing Less

To capture every last cent of possible revenue from their clients, many legacy consulting companies will claim to have capabilities which extend into servicing every business need short of sweeping the floors. Our response to that is “Well that’s great, but what do you do WELL?” Their answer would probably be “everything” but in reality, lacking focus and a specialized skillset more often leads to average performance across a wide range of capabilities rather than exceptional performance in a targeted few.

Here at Donyati, we strive to be the best at a select set of competencies rather than simply being average over a wide range. To make this model work, we have established strategic partnerships with other technology and consulting companies who adopt this same approach to value creation. This approach allows us to provide our clients with the specialized resources required for optimal delivery of each phase of our engagements.

Cloud Services, Hosting, and Networking

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Donyati’s Implementations and Analytics teams specialize in the selection, design and roll-out of next generation technology applications and platforms, but the value delivered by these tools is only as good as the technical foundations upon which they are build. Secure-24 specializes in successful outcomes. By making every client’s cloud requirements work seamlessly together, managing all systems in concert and treating each customer like their only client, they stand alone in the industry as an independent Managed Cloud Services provider. This is why Donyati has chosen to align with Secure-24 as our technical partner for cloud services, hosting and networking delivery. With proven results in every sector of the S&P 500, we know that we can trust Secure-24 to bring speed, consistency, and security to our clients.

To learn more about Secure-24’s proven track record, we encourage you to visit their website:

Knowledge is Power

If somebody asked you for a list of all the active applications in use within your organization and how they interact, would you be able to provide one? For many organizations, the answer to this question is probably no. After all, with challenging and time consuming “day jobs” it is rare for an internal employee to have the bandwidth to interview and document the dozens of various user groups to fully understand how each piece of technology supports their unique requirements.

At Donyati, we believe that a comprehensive understanding of the current state is a critical building block for any major technology transformation or operational efficiency initiative. To achieve this level of visibility, our strategy team has developed a proprietary delivery method known simply as “The Map”.

The Map

What you see above is a complete, detailed flow of the entire technical landscape for the domestic business for one of our current clients. This powerful tool empowers decision makers by enabling them to:

  • Trace how specific types of data flow from initial entry all the way through to its various destinations for end stage consumption
  • Understand the upstream and downstream impact of modification, replacement or retirement of a specific application
  • Identify redundant functionalities or unnecessarily complex integration points
  • Reconcile the purpose and value an application provides to the organization with the costs associated with maintaining it

These are simply a few examples of the value that investing in the development of “The Map” can bring to an organization. If you wish to learn more about this innovative documentation methodology, we encourage you to reach out to Luke Billings, our Strategy Group lead at

Technical Expertise

Our team has the breadth of experience your organization needs to tackle any Enterprise Performance Management initiative. The proof is in our past, as our clients have trusted us to guide them in harnessing the power of some of today’s most powerful analytics and database platforms.

The Donyati Difference

Whether you are about to embark on a major transformation initiative or simply want to optimize the value provided by a specific element of your current technology platform, the Donyati team is here to help.

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